Shiny Preview – the 115g Optoma Pico Projector

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Well, you heard about it earlier on today, now experience it with the added dimension of time as we take a videographic look at the Optoma Pico Projector.

They haven’t actually given us a luminance rating – probably because they’re too scared to measure it – but rest assured you need the curtains close to use it. Dim lighting on a plane would probably do too.


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Daniel Sung
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    • Getting a look at projectors is always slightly annoying because videos of them in action rarely do them justice. I did have a look myself and all I can say is that in a dimish room, at 20-inches it looks good – not crisp and beautiful, but good.

      I should be getting one in for review in the next few weeks and we can set up a room with a better camcorder to give you some visuals.

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