RUMOUR: Apple to launch networked HDTV

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apple-tv-youtube.jpgAs is always the way before any Apple announcement day, you can’t move for rumours at the moment. The latest one comes from founder of Mahalo, Jason Calcanis. He reckons that Apple is going to launch a networked HDTV, much like a normal TV with an AppleTV box, but without the need for the box.

Apple already offers a 30″ display for the Mac, so it won’t require a drastically new manufacturing process. The TV will allegedly be able to stream iTunes content from any other PCs or Macs in your house. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d be able to control it with the iPhone remote application, either.

I doubt we’ll see this announced on Wednesday, but it’s something to hope for in the future maybe. Personally speaking, I’m not an investor in the Apple ecosystem, and don’t wish to be, but if you are, then this could get you excited. Let us know in the comments.

Apple TV (via cnet)

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  • Wow, bitter Andy?

    I think you’ll find many blogs and online news sites that repackage and add commentary to news and opinion published elsewhere. Compare that to some media that, at times, copies verbatim from original material on blogs (yes, we do publish completely original material) without attribution, passing it off as the journalist’s own.

    I’m going to stop now, as I suspect you’re actually just a troll.

  • I dont understand how you lot get away with just plagiarising other peoples work. This is reporting at its lowest.

    • You could call it plagarism if we didn’t attribute our sources, but we always do. This particular post came out of an interview cnet did with Calcanis. We link straight to their post at the end of the article. News usually comes from somewhere.

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