IXOS XHP280 AV PowerStation – surge protection for AV enthusiasts

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ixos-xhp280-powerblock.jpgThe remarkably colourful IXOS XHP280 AV PowerStation Mains Surge Protector is pictured above. It’s basically insurance. For a one-off payment of £70, your thousands of pounds of audio equipment will survive a lightning strike on your mains with no ill effects.

Because it’s targeted at audiophiles, however, it’s got a few special features. Firstly, there are eight power sockets. You could hook up an amp, some active speakers, a turntable, a cd player, your massive HDTV, a Blu-ray player, a sky+ box, and a vibrating armchair with no ill effects. You wouldn’t want your vibrating armchair out of action.

It also comes with an RFI and EMI noise filter, which will decrease the noise floor on your equipment by 70dB from 100kHz to 10mHz. IXOS assure me that less noise in the power supply to your equipment will mean a much clearer and cleaner picture and sound. Whether that’s true or not probably depends on how much you’ve spent on your equipment.

If you’re dying to get your hands on one of these, they’re available now, and will cost you, as previously mentioned, in the region of £70. Expensive for a power-splitter, but a small drop in the ocean compared to the cost of replacing an expensive home cinema setup on the off-chance that you do get a surge.

IXOS XHP280 AV Powerstation

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Duncan Geere
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