If the world could vote in the American election, who would they pick?

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if-the-world-could-vote.jpgGiven that the American presidency is the closest thing we’ve got to a “President of the World”, people around the globe care dearly about who gets elected to the White House. If you’re stuck in another country without a vote, you can only pray that the independent voters of America choose to endorse the same candidate that you like.

To give you some sense of participation, however, a website’s sprung up to try and find out who would win the election if the entire world could vote. It’s called, appropriately, “If the world could vote!”.

At the time of writing, Obama’s taking nearly 87% of the votes, leaving McCain on a paltry 13%. The site displays breakdowns of different countries, though, and American voters have also gone for Obama – at 80%. That suggests it might not be representative of each country as a whole.

In almost every country around the world with more than a handful of votes cast, Obama is winning. Notable exceptions include Macedonia, where 86% of the 490 voters have gone for GOP, and Albania, where 54% voted for McCain. Venezuela is the only other country where results are even close – with 53% of 751 voters picking Obama.

In the UK, we’re backing Mr Change with 92.6% of 24,816 votes. That’s what I like to hear. Hopefully some of the influence will trickle over the pond, but in all probability, the people it’s likely to trickle to are those already committed to voting Obama.

Who would you vote for, if you were (or are) American, and why? Rant away in the comments.

If the world could vote?

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  • I would vote for Obama, he speaks with conviction and is succint in his message.

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