Brionvega RR226 audio system – 60s design brought back

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brionvega-rr226-music-system.jpgThe Brionvega Radiofonografo RR126 was one of the most beautiful pieces of design of the sixties. It contained a radio, amp, dial controls and a phonograph. This is the RR226, which adds a CD and DVD player to the mix, but looks no less gorgeous. The speakers flip over the top, where the record player is, if you’d prefer them to.

There’s no price attached to the system yet, though I suspect it’s going to be rather on the high side. Nor is there any sign of a release date – at the moment Brionvega is just showing it off around design shows. Still, what a delightful piece of art, eh?

Brionvega (via BornRich)

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Duncan Geere
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