CAPTION COMPETITION: a man, a woman & a porcelain head

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I’ve never run a caption competition before and I’ve never thought there was much point in the tech world – until I saw this.


I don’t know what’s really going on in this snapshot of the Philips Simplicity concept design event in Moscow and I don’t want to, because I’ll bet the reality is a lot less exciting than the possibilities of a smug looking man trying to impress a woman with a severed head and a gas mask.

So instead, put your words of genius into their mouths in the comments section below. I’ll chose the best entry and then send out some sort of suitably exciting prize. Ladies, gentlemen, let’s work those funny bones.


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Daniel Sung
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  • Just for info in case ppl don’t know, that’s a mask for sleep apnoea sufferers. For the funny part, how about “You can’t say I don’t give head now, Snorty!”

  • Take some deep breaths now
    They just announced the price
    Of the new MacBook air…

  • Prince Andrew tries to snort a Coke effigy of Sarah Ferguson with the aid of Philips “Coke-a-matic”. Later quotes to have been “Impressed, with no residue left on nostrils”.

  • Guy: Tell me how this works again?
    Woman: You slip it onto her face while she sleeps then you can steal her thoughts. She’ll be none the wiser.

  • NHS strike a deal on the ergonomic nose-to-nose resuscitation kit. Alan Johnson states: “It’ll save millions.”

  • The Wii has the Wiimote, the PS3 has the tilty thing, but we’ve gone one better for the Xbox 360. I give to you… smell-o-vision! You’ll love the sweaty smell of Gears in the evening!

  • “I don’t care what you say – without the ears, this elephant costume is fooling no-one.”

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