Man RFID chips himself

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It’s probably one of the oldest dilemmas mankind has faced. You need to get your guns from your gun cabinet, but you just can’t be bothered to put in the combination and waste precious seconds when you could be wasting precious people instead.

As luck would have it, one inventor has come up with an ingenious solution: chipping himself with an RFID chip, so he only has to wave his hands in front of the safe to open it.

Using the sort of equipment you’d use on livestock, without the aid of anaesthetic and with the sense of a madman, he’s injected the chip into his arm so that in future gun battles, whilst you’re still loading your weapon and finger-painting camouflage onto your face, he’s already packing heat.

If you can stomach watching people cut themselves open a bit (I wince whilst watching Casualty), have a click on the video above and see what future Oyster cards might look like.

(via Hackaday)

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