Top 10 Tuesday: Operating Systems that changed the world

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With the release of the Google Android mobile operating system widely expected later on today – around 3.30pm I should think – I thought to myself, “What better way to kick of our Top 10 Tuesdays than by looking at operating systems that changed the world.” So here indeed are the Top 10 operating systems that changed the world.

Click on the picture below to start the countdown.

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Daniel Sung
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    • Carl, the list was massive and I’ve got to confess, 80% of them I’d never even heard of. For every GEM or OS/2 there was a SINTRAN III, Coherent and Lisa Office System 7/7 but, yes, it seems we can be carbon dated by OSs we’ve used. You may be older than me but at least you’ve never heard of TENEX.

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