Vodafone radio ad banned, it zips through T&Cs too fast

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vodafone_speeding_logo.gifThe Advertising Standards Agency has been busy vetting technology ads recently. No sooner has it finished rapping Apple for misleading iPhone ads, or Virgin Media for sending bullet-hole mail through people’s letterboxes, then it’s on Vodafone’s case for blurting out the terms and conditions too quickly on a recent radio ad.

A whale-eared listener complained to the watchdog because the words were so fast that it was hard to hear the message. To be honest, I’m of the opinion that there are always several reams worth of finely printed contractual legalese attached to any product, and am happy for the cursory nod any radio advertiser gives to them to be over with as soon as possible.

The ASA doesn’t see it that way. Vodafone said that the sub-eight second 30 word disclaimer was not speeded up in post-production. Presumably they just picked a woman who was very good at speaking quickly…

In any case, Vodafone can’t broadcast the ad again. Sadly, it will probably make another one with more boring mumbo-jumbo at the end of it.

(Via Reuters)

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