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cliff-richard.jpgCliff Richard is a name that resonates with musical history – he’s the only artist ever to have had number one singles in five consecutive decades, and although he’s never been widely played on the radio, he always sells bucketloads of singles whenever he releases anything.

However, he doesn’t like downloads. No. For him, you can’t beat the quality of a CD. Not even with a 320kbps MP3, no sirree. For Sir Cliff Richard, if it’s digital, it definitely sounds worse, whatever the quality or codec used by the file. Balls to the fact that CDs are 1s and 0s too. The singer said:

“I’m never going to go to downloads. (…) I like putting six CDs in the machine and playing them for two or three days. The 12″ vinyl album was the best because you could read [the sleeve] without getting a magnifying glass. I like the human aspect of music. It’s all getting a little bit too technical now, too easy; you don’t do anything now”.

Way too easy, Sir Cliff Richard. Too easy to put whatever song you want to listen to, without having to worry about finding a CD or LP and whether it’s scratched or not. Too easy to have your whole music collection with you on a bus. Too easy to concentrate on the music, rather than the form it’s delivered in. What you call “easy”, Cliffy, I call “liberating”.

Cliff Richard (via CMU Daily)

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  • Wired for sound, indeed.
    Hopefully he’ll soon be using an ear trumpet instead of a miniature hearing aid.

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