5 Best and 5 Worst iAccessories for iPods and iPhones

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If there’s one thing the world probably doesn’t need more of, it is media studies graduates. If there’s two, it is probably media studies graduates and iPod cases.

There’s so many hanging around (iPod cases, that is, though there’s probably a fair few unemployed media graduates too) because the iPod has been so ludicrously successful, and a “product eco-system” has built up around it, and other companies have released companion products to try and make some money of their own out of it. Apple don’t mind it either, as it expands the functionality of their products and they get to license a “compatible with iPod” logo and rake in the cash for doing little or no work. It’s just like nature: the parasites and the host have developed a symbiotic relationship.

But with so many billions of parasites to choose from… what accessories should you get for your iPod? I present to you, the top five best and worst iAccessories.

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James O’Malley
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