MXP4: New digital audio format packs more than just the music track

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mxp4_logo.gifNew digital music formats come along with the promise of improved audio quality and smaller file sizes, such that many portable “MP3 players” no longer use the MP3 format.

Now, though, Masinaut has come up with a music format which aims to offer an “interactive, multi-sensory experience”.

The MXP4 — Multiplied Experience Platform in 4D) — format allows musicians to include an original song but also musical variations, graphics, lyrics, trivia, and other information such as tour dates.

Two bits of software are needed for the MXP4 format to work. The MXP4Creator is for musicians to create the files, while the MXP4Player allows users to personalise their listening experience.

Trish Thomson, Chief Executive Officer of Musinaut, says that the music industry is looking for new and creative ways to present their artists and increase revenue, and believes MXP4 is the format that can provide that.

A number of bands, producers, and DJs across the US and Europe have been beta testing the tool, with some already embracing it. However, I’m wondering if it can really break into the big time, considering the stranglehold iTunes has on the industry. Though the software is available for a number of platforms, including PC, Mac, and mobile phones, it’s not likely to appear on the iPod. Is that a problem?

What do you think? Do we need a more interactive music format, or are you happy with single music files and access to YouTube and a band’s web site?

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