Samsung to launch second 8MP Omnia-like camera phone: the M8800?

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samsung_m8800_mobile_phone.jpgUpdate: Latest information about the Samsung Pixon.

There’s a bit of online speculation over one of Samsung’s next mobile phones. Its model number is the M8800, but as to its actual name (the one people might more easily remember than a few letters and numbers cobbled together) — well that could be Bresson, or it could be Pixon.

With that in mind, take these specifications as tentative. The handset could have a large touchscreen (3.2-inch with 240 x 400 resolution) like the Omnia, but with an eight megapixel camera like the INNOV8.

Additionally, this 3G phone could be running Samsung’s own mobile operating system rather than Windows Mobile. It could also have EDGE, Bluetooth with A2DP, GPS, microSD expansion, automatic screen orientation, DivX video compatibility, and an FM radio.

Nothing has been officially announced by Samsung, hence the speculative nature of the articles. The photos may be genuine. The specs may be completely accurate, but we won’t know for sure until Samsung decides to spill the beans. A November launch date is touted, but with an approximate retail price quoted in US dollars ($800), who knows where it’ll appear first.

Could be a nice Christmas present if it arrives in the UK in the next couple of months.

(Via New Launches)

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