Samsung Memoir gets official


Samsung’s got a decent line in cameraphones going on, with last year’s Pixon and Omnia, and now it’s throwing this – the Memoir – into the mix. It’s got an 8-megapixel sensor, 16x digital zoom, and a xenon flash, along with full touchscreen and aGPS.

There’s five shooting modes, and uploading your snaps to the internet is easy, with Flickr, Kodak Gallery, Photobucket and Snapfish integration. There’s 3G for uploads, but no Wi-Fi sadly, so you might consider uploading in low-quality, at least until you can get home. No word on pricing, but it should be arriving this month.

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SHINY VIDEO REVIEW: Samsung M8800 Pixon

Check out the video above for Lucy’s thought’s on Samsung’s lovely 8-megapixel ‘Pixon’ cameraphone. It’s got a touchscreen, autofocus, ASR and WDR, and 16x zoom, along with an awesome slow-motion video mode. It’s almost like it’s a camera first and a phone second!

Samsung Mobile

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Shiny Video Preview: Samsung Pixon

In a double-whammy of pink Zara video glory, here’s the Samsung Pixon. It’s an eight megapixel camera phone, and as you’d expect, it takes rather nice pictures. It also opens and closes the lens cover in the software, which I really, really appreciate as an N95 owner. More details from our first look here.

Samsung Pixon

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Samsung to launch second 8MP Omnia-like camera phone: the M8800?


There’s a bit of online speculation over one of Samsung’s next mobile phones. Its model number is the M8800, but as to its actual name (the one people might more easily remember than a few letters and numbers cobbled together) — well that could be Bresson, or it could be Pixon.

With that in mind, take these specifications as tentative. The handset could have a large touchscreen (3.2-inch with 240 x 400 resolution) like the Omnia, but with an eight megapixel camera like the INNOV8