DJ Mobile is a set of speakers with a built-in car

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dj-mobile.JPGYou’ve got to admire the Dutch. Besides having some of the most lenient marijuana laws in the world, they also make some amazing cars. This particular model boasts 14 speakers, from woofers to tweeters, and you can bet it makes quite a racket. It’s actually a piece of artwork, designed so that it can be driven somewhere, and then decks hooked up on top as a portable soundsystem. Oh, and it’s available to rent.

The creator, artist Olaf Mooij says “The idea for the DJ Mobile is inspired by the song “God is a DJ” [from faithless] and the car of our HOLY-POPE. These two things were mixed together and there it was the DJ Mobile.” Brilliant. Thanks Olaf. A special place in heaven awaits you, and you can bet it’ll be soundproofed.

Olaf Mooij (via DVice)

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  • Cool, the car has a built in speakers. Lots of people are wondering why the owner have this kind of car. dj turntable packages

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