Wake up to music – lots of music – with the Sound 40 alarm clock by Roberts

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When the people at alarm clock manufacturer Roberts wake up in the morning, they like to do so to a choice of music. Not just some random bleepy-bleeping bleep alarm, or some scratchy FM radio static.. No. They want music. And they want to be able to specifically choose the track to wake up to. Something like ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2, perhaps.. or ‘Wake me up before you Go-Go‘ by Wham, maybe. Anyway, they appear to want us to have the same level of choice too, because they have invented a machine which allows us to do that very thing.

Step forward the ‘Sound 40’, an all new ‘bells and whistles’ alarm clock designed for the 21st Century individual who likes bells and whistles. Check out it’s impressive audio array: DAB radio. In-built CD player. SD media card player. MP3 and WMA playback. An input source for your iPod (or other such music player). And oh yeah, it still has a buzzer, presumably for those poor lost souls who can never decide on anything.

Physically the ‘Sound 40’ looks like an alarm clock, not especially attractive, but not too big that it looks out of place, and not too small that you can’t see the time (or find the all important ‘Snooze’ button). Credit should be noted for the inspired addition of the blue back-lit LCD display which can be dimmed to avoid keeping you awake at 2am. I wish my alarm clock had that. No, really.

The ‘Sound 40’ has also been programmed with a rather nifty bit of software called ‘CD/SD Bookmark’, whereby it’ll remember the last played position of a track on your SD card or CD and pick up exactly where you left off the next time you hit ‘play’. Which is pretty cool.

Alarm modes include: Once, daily, Mon-Fri, and various other time options for the weekends, all of which trigger your music (or alarm) to be played at all levels of volume between ‘i’m still asleep’ and ‘okay, OKAY I’M AWAKE’ on it’s stereo speakers.

Shipped at an expensive-but-reasonable-for-what-you’re-getting RRP of £100 (no doubt found much cheaper online), not only do you get a fancy-dan alarm clock, but also a handy remote control to lob at the machine when it wakes you to the strained warblings of Bon Jovi’s, ‘I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead‘.

The reality is: if you have a song and you want to wake up to it – no matter what the format – this baby’ll do it.

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