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alerts.jpgGoogle Alerts and Yahoo Alerts have themselves a new competitor in the shape of the minnow that is As well as all the news, weather and sports updates, which the big players already deliver, Alerts is designed to bring you every single piece of information you could need including the personal bits and pieces just for you and your infinitely intricate and complex life.

We’re not talking the life threatening information – whatever that my be on a daily basis – but we’re talking about reminders for everything from birthdays and wake up calls to job alerts, fuel prices and whatever flights and hotel information you may need.


All your reminders will get sent to your desktop or whatever mobile device you like and it’s all essentially free with the only possible charge provided by your phone company’s text policy.

Now, if this all works, it sounds pretty good to me. I spend my life forgetting just about any plan made for more than around two minutes in advance, so I’m going to give it a go.

It is an American site, so I’m not sure how applicable it’s all going to be here in the UK but I’m going to give it a crack, after all, it is in beta and it is free. (via Venture Beat)

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