First iPhone 3G unboxing, or dubious Photoshop skills?



To add further misery to those who probably won’t get an iPhone 3G on Friday, photos claiming to be the first “unboxing” have appeared online.

Boy Genius Report has a whole gallery of images of the IPhone 3G, while a Portuguese site also claims to have one.


Boing Boing seems to have found two tiny screws on the bottom of the iPhone 3G, near the dock, which may suggest that this version has a user-replaceable battery. However, it’s not difficult to slap a couple of screw-heads onto a picture of an iPhone in Photoshop, so I’ll reserve judgement until I see it for myself. Apple generally hates visible screws, and there are other ways of allowing the battery to be accessible that don’t involve screws.


Of course, some American journalists have had their greasy mitts all over the latest iPhone for several weeks, and have posted up reviews today. They generally haven’t resorted to “me first” photo-taking tactics, though.

Funnily enough, no-one from the UK seems to have ‘fessed up to sneaking an iPhone 3G box, though I wonder if some City Link couriers are getting ready to “delay’ some stock.

We’ll have more of a clue from about 1pm tomorrow London time, when New Zealand will get their hands on the iPhone 3G.

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