Gallery: UK iPhone 3G unboxed and ready to go

I'm lazy, and couldn't be bothered to go and queue at an O2 store this morning, so I had my iPhone 3G delivered. Arrived just before 10am.

Here's a gallery of the unboxing. Yes, they're all over the web, but not many have got the British mains plug, or my Facebook profile page. Gotta be worth something, I'd have thought.

Halo 3 Xbox 360 Swag Bag is Incredible (Unbagging Shots and Video)

Yes, usually, I hate the unnecessary swag. But this Xbox 360, Halo 3 Edition passed envelope, is pretty much the best set of press junk I have ever seen. The padded envelope is printed with my name, and work address. There are two limited…err…um….errr…Here comes the unboxing…er unbagging.*
So this is me sliding the game out of the padded envelope, with bated breath. Could it be…is it…my god! It is! It’s the Saviour! The Game Of The Year! The game which will secure Microsoft’s crown as Console King! My god! Look at the shiny, clear plastic, stretched over the most handsome lime-green case you’ll ever own. I can hardly believe it…it…it…it’s beautiful….