Intel demos wireless electricity – magnetism used to avoid frying human flesh

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intel-wireless-electricity-magnetic-transmission.jpgIt’s another entry in our occasional Future Made Real series, this time concerning fantasy sci-fi invention #261 – wireless electricity.

For some reason it’s chip-maker Intel that’s the latest company to show off some wireless electric kit, managing to power a 60 Watt light bulb (how energy inefficient of it) from a distance of three feet. That’s 90cm, if you’re reading this in the Benelux regions or France.

“That is potentially a world changing event. This is the closest we’ve had to something being commercially available in this class,” said analyst Rob Enderle, while Intel was content to modestly say it was “transmitting energy using the magnetic field not the electric field” to make it safe for humans to be around.

Ultimately, this technology will be used to allow captive travellers to pay £11.99 for an hour of electricity to charge up their laptops while waiting for flights at airports. So don’t get too excited. It’s all about taking your money off you.

(Via AFP)

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