Sanyo bringing wireless battery charging to Nintendo Wii Remotes

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wii_eneloop-rechargeable-wiimote.jpgWireless electricity. Another wild gadget fantasy, only this is a fantasy MADE REAL in recent years thanks to the arrival of special batteries and charging pads.

Sanyo has announced it’s bringing this (possibly alien) wireless charging technology to Wii, using a variant of the fantastic Eneloop battery and a “magnetic induction” (MAGIC for short) pad. So, instead of removing your batteries and placing them in a charger – a tiresome task at best – you replace the entire backside of your Wiimote with a custom battery pack, then stand it in on a dock.

Your batteries will be done in 220 minutes, according to Sanyo’s boffins. As ever with all the cool new stuff, there’s no UK release date for the Contactless Charger Set yet – but you will be able to pay a man in Japan a huge mark-up to send you one this August.

(Via BuzzYa)

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