THE MAN orders boy to hand his Narnia domain name over to the relevant copyright holders

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narnia-web-site-ordered-closed-cslewis.jpgAhh, it’s always nice to hear about a young person having their dreams crushed and getting baptised into the adult world of misery! Especially on a Friday! We’ll be laughing all weekend.

Today’s innocence-loser is 11-year-old Comrie Saville-Smith, a boy who likes the CS Lewis world of Narnia quite a bit. So much so, in fact, that his dad bought him the domain name as a birthday present.

However, it was not long before THE MAN found out about this and demanded the web site be taken offline and the domain name itself be handed over to the estate of CS Lewis.

The United Nations copyright arbitrator has now ruled that Mr Comrie “registered and is using the disputed domain name in bad faith” – so the domains have gone back to the estate. Presumably the fact that Comrie’s father also registered similar domain name during 2006’s .mobi domain registration frenzy gave the game away.

(Via Reuters)

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