Intel demos wireless electricity – magnetism used to avoid frying human flesh


It’s another entry in our occasional Future Made Real series, this time concerning fantasy sci-fi invention #261 – wireless electricity.

For some reason it’s chip-maker Intel that’s the latest company to show off some wireless electric kit, managing to power a 60 Watt light bulb (how energy inefficient of it) from a distance of three feet. That’s 90cm, if you’re reading this in the Benelux regions or France…

US Navy boasting about how hard its new railgun is

The US Navy has been boasting about its military might on the internet, releasing photos and videos of its magnetism-powered new railgun to the masses. It’s the sort of thing you expect of Middle-Eastern countries or North Korea, not the USA.

The US Navy boffins are so pleased with themselves and their awesome new way of keeping the world in check, they’ve put a few videos of their rail-gun being tested up on YouTube. Here’s one: