Full official specs for the Canon 50D appear on the Canon China webiste – and then disappear!


canon-40D.jpgI’m starting to find it really hard to believe that these things are happening by accident but whether it was a sloppy programmer or Canon’s marketing department manipulating the hell out of the internet community, what we do know is that for a short time, Canon China’s website published the full specs of the much awaited Canon 50D SLR camera. And when I say full specs, I mean full specs.

Thanks to the chaps at the Photography Bay and their tireless translations we’ve got a very nice picture of just what it is we’re expecting when the 50D comes out.

As the natural successor to the hugely popular Canon 40D, it weighs in at just 10g less with a marginally slimmer 730g but packs a considerably heavier punch with a 15.1 megapixel CMOS sensor and an equivalent ISO light sensitivity range between 100 – 12800.

The 50D will feature the same 3.0″ LCD housed in the the magnesium alloy Canon body as well as all of the latest dust reduction, AF fine tuning and RAW file compatability and technology. Frankly there’s more ins and outs than I could possibly describe or that you’ll really want to know but doubtless there are one or two features you’ll personally be looking out for in a new digital SLR. So peruse at your leiaure.

I’d say go to China Canon and take a look but all the relevant pages now display something like this…


…which has got to be the Chinese for “This page has been removed and the person responsible for the error is now in a police holding cell along with their entire family and pet gerbil”.

With the Photokina show coming up next month and Canon China’s slip this morning, it seems pretty likely that we’ll be seeing the 50D’s release very, very soon – some time between 23rd – 28th September to be precise.

(via Photography Bay)

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Daniel Sung
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    • They’re too damn tricky at Canon. Wish I’d read your comment earlier. They’ve blocked the page off with a password and user name requirement.

      Thanks for the info about the lens kit though Ed. 18-200mm sounds like a good deal if you’re just going to pick up the one. I know Nikon has got a couple of launches coming up in the next few days, so I’ll be interested to see if they have anything similar in the pipeline.

      They did all the Coolpix compacts the other day, so I’m hoping it’s some SLR action they’ve got in the wings.

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