Sony PlayTV for PlayStation 3 landing on September 10th

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Much to our disappointment (but certainly not surprise) Sony confirmed following its E3 press conference that the newly unveiled PlayStation Store TV and Movies download service would not be hitting European shores until next year. Maybe. But don’t fret, telly loving gamers out there, Sony has something in the way of a consolation prize: Sony PlayTV. And it’s landing in a little less than two months.

PlayTV is a dual digital tuner accessory for the PS3 with accompanying software. With it you’ll be able to record TV directly to your PS3 hard drive for later viewing. Or you can copy them across to your PSP for viewing on the move.

Sony has newly announced that it will be able to make recordings even while you play a game, which is pretty damned impressive

The console giant has finalised the launch date – September 10th – and the price: 99 Euros, or just under 80 of our British pounds. Call it £79.99.

(via TechRadar)

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