Limbo 2 Trojan "guaranteed" to evade security software. It's a phisher's wet dream

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fishing_rod.jpgWatch out! There’s a new Trojan in town, guaranteed by its developers to constantly evade the top ten security software products.

The developers of “Limbo 2” customise each version and then sell it online for up to $1,300 a pop. Each version is unique, so it’s very difficult for anti-virus software to get a grip on it.

Once it’s out there, Limbo 2 does what any self-respecting bit of phishing software does — it steals bank details. Trouble is, this one sits on a PC and records a user logging in to a banking web site, and adds spoofed information boxes which asks users to enter more information than usual. Data is then fed back to whoever bought the software.

Jacques Erasmus, Director of Malware Research at Prevx said, “This is one of the most dangerous Trojans out there at the moment. The strength of this piece of Malware lies in its versatility, even if it is recognised up by an anti-virus company it can be changed so as to be invisible again within hours. There are likely to be so many variants out there that they will never all be detected, which is a scary thought as it is designed to steal bank details.”

“Whoever designed this Trojan is making a lot of money, probably thousands of pounds every day.”

It’s not clear exactly how the Limbo 2 Trojan is finding its way on to the PC in the first place, but it’s likely to be from a compromised web site. It goes without saying that online vigilance is key to minimising the risk of becoming infected.

Andy Merrett
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  • Oh I got this…. Have not tried it though.
    But from what I hear its really good.
    For blackhats of course!

    I only got it to look at the source etc….

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