Sony PlayTV for PlayStation 3 landing on September 10th


Much to our disappointment (but certainly not surprise) Sony confirmed following its E3 press conference that the newly unveiled PlayStation Store TV and Movies download service would not be hitting European shores until next year. Maybe. But don’t fret, telly loving gamers out there, Sony has something in the way of a consolation prize: Sony PlayTV. And it’s landing in a little less than two months.

Top Up TV+ DTR now available with 250GB hard drive


The Top Up TV+ digital TV recorder (DTR) isn’t a new concept — we were talking about it last year and it’s been on the cards since late 2006 — but now Top Up TV has announced a 250GB version, meaning even more space to record Freeview programmes.

By now, I’m assuming everyone knows what the main features of a DTR are (if not, go back to that last article and read). Suffice it to say that this model does all the things you’d expect a dual-tuner Freeview DTR to do. It also continues to give you access to the PictureBox service for £5 a month, offering a choice of seven blockbuster movies each day, plus the usual benefits of the Top Up TV service.