iPhone 3G in the UK: New tariffs, free on selected plans, pay and go coming, biz plans


O2 has announced initial pricing details for the iPhone 3G, and it’s all looking good.

Look, there’s a new £30 per month tariff — that’s £5 cheaper than before. It’s pretty stingy on minutes and texts, but if you’re getting the iPhone primarily for surfing, you won’t care.

The 8GB iPhone is FREE on £45 and £75 per month tariffs, or £99 on the £30 and £35 per month ones.

The 16GB iPhone is FREE on £75 per month tariffs, £59 on the £45 per month tariff, or £159 on the lower two tariffs.

All still come with “unlimited” 3G and Wi-Fi access and Visual Voicemail, and require an 18-month signup.

O2 has also announced that the iPhone will be available on Pay-As-You-Go, but no details on pricing yet.

Business users aren’t left out either: there’s a new “iPhone Bolt-on” for their current business tariffs. The iPhone is free on selected plans.

Existing iPhone users effectively have to sign up again — O2 claim it’s a special deal but in reality you get the same offer as new iPhone users. Apparently, the “special early upgrade offer is only available online at o2.co.uk anytime from 11th July until 11th October 2008.”

Here’s full details of the new consumer tariff structure.

Monthly Charge £30 £35 £45 £75
Cost of 8GB iPhone £99 £99 Free Free
Cost of 16GB iPhone £159 £159 £59 Free
Minutes 75 600 1200 3000

125 500 500 500
Unlimited Data & Wi-Fi
Visual Voicemail
Reduced Roaming Rates
Minimum contract length 18 months 18 months 18 months 18 month

iPhone on O2 (via iPhonic)

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