iPhone 3G PAYG coming to O2: 16th September from £349.99


At last, the long awaited contract-free iPhone 3G has been announced* by O2. We’ve been expecting it for some time, and indeed O2’s help pages have been geared up for PAYG queries since the pay monthly version launched.

If you’ve got a spare £349.99 lying around, then in just over two weeks time you’ll be able to slap it down on an O2 store counter and say “Give me the Pay As You Go 8GB iPhone please”.

For an extra fifty quid, you can get the 16GB model.

Yes, you’ll be able to do exactly the same at The Carphone Warehouse too…

O2 leaks iPhone 3G PAYG pricing, £300 for 8GB iPhone


This morning, O2 (seemingly) inadvertently published pricing for the Pay-As-You-Go iPhone 3G, then quickly retracted it.

Eagle-eyed sites gleaned that the 8GB iPhone 3G will cost £299.99, while the 16GB model will cost £359.99. Included with that is six months of Wi-Fi and unlimited Internet access, after which users would need to top up a minimum of £10 per month to keep the Internet access active…

iPhone 3G in the UK: New tariffs, free on selected plans, pay and go coming, biz plans

O2 has announced initial pricing details for the iPhone 3G, and it’s all looking good.

Look, there’s a new £30 per month tariff — that’s £5 cheaper than before. It’s pretty stingy on minutes and texts, but if you’re getting the iPhone primarily for surfing, you won’t care.

The 8GB iPhone is FREE on £45 and £75 per month tariffs, or £99 on the £30 and £35 per month ones…