Guitar Hero III mini game widget – for that rock fix at work


I can’t stop playing this. It’s completely basic, rather like Dancing Stage for my fingers, but even without the axe in your hand, it’s still possible to get that shiver running down your spine as you bash out “Schooooooooool’s Ouuuuuuuut Fooreeever!”

With 23rd May still all too far away, Guitar Hero is getting every edge it can in the upcoming war with fierce and basically superior rival title Rock Band. This widget isn’t going to make me go out and buy the game but it does scratch that itch until I get can that garage band experience in my very own front room.

Addicts will also be pleased to hear that there do appear to be some Activision prizes on offer for those able to hold onto those precious places and prove themselves rock gods at the top of the leaderboard.

Guitar Hero (via wired)

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