Shiny Video Preview: Kat plays Rock Band for the first time

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Yesterday, as promised, I got hands-on with Rock Band. Now, this will be old news for our US readers, but I was so excited, after waiting months and months for a chance.

It has been given a release date here in the UK of May 23rd, with the price looking set to start at £130…just for the instruments. Take a look in the video above to see me trying my hand at each of the instruments, including the microphone.

WARNING: I am extremely tone-deaf and have never done karaoke sober before. Watch at your own risk.

Rock Band

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Katherine Hannaford
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  • It’s one of my favourite songs, and I’ve done it drunkenly many times at karaoke before – but when I attempted it yesterday, sober, I failed four times in the duration of that one song!

    Highly embarassing…

    I also want to apologise for the darkness of the video – it was filmed in a nightclub so not the best filming conditions!

  • Should you stay or should you go?…

    Hmmmn. It’s definately a thinker. ;oP

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