Sony denies leaked PlayTV date and price

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PS3_playtv.jpgYesterday, dropped the ball and became the source of a very promising Sony PlayTV rumour. A listing, since retracted, put a release date of 31st July on the system and a price tag of £60.

PlayTV is an upcoming accessory for PlayStation 3 that adds digital telly to your console, effectively turning it into a HDD recorder.

The PS3’s ability to stream content via WiFi or across the internet direct to a handheld Sony PSP also makes it a potentially excellent means of accessing your recording on the go as well. Essentially you need never miss an episode of Corrie ever again.

Sony was quick to deny the leaked information, opting for that seldom heard party line of “We have yet to announce a release date and price for PlayTV, and do not comment on rumour or speculation.”

Running this through our corporate bluster filter we can translate this as something akin to “You’re pretty much in the ballpark but we just have to deny these things anyway”.

This isn’t the first time this kind of information has been leaked though. HMV once put PlayTV as arriving on March 29th for £99.99 – we thought that was too expensive at the time, so £60 seems like a much better deal. Still, it could be cheaper. What you’re essentially paying for here is just a twin digital tuner and some software. I think it could well go below £50, surely?

PlayStation 3 (via Eurogamer)

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  • PlayTV, Home, movie downloads….. Just the kind of hype needed to sell machines. Now if they could only deliver on those promises !

  • “I think it could well go below £50, surely?”

    Sure they could. They could even sell it for 20p but they wont because they dont have to. They aren’t in competition with other DVR’s, they are selling an add on to existing PS3 users. Its the same (although to a far lesser degree) as Microsoft selling their 360 hard drive add on for a ridiculously high amount.

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