Price cuts create 8GB iPhone shortage, 16GB cuts to follow?


iphone-boxes-of.jpgLast week’s decision to lop a hundred quid off the price of an 8GB iPhone had, unsurprisingly, a pretty good effect on sales. In fact, it has been so good that O2 and Carphone Warehouse have reportedly sold out of the handsets in most of their major outlets.

More stock is rumoured to be coming in, which is good seeing as the deal was supposed to be lasting until June 1st and no doubt many of those who were interested might have been holding back to see if any firm 3G iPhone announcements came in the meantime. For the moment though it looks like it will take some searching if you really want to pick up one of the £169 oh-so-tempting devices.

Meanwhile, however, the 16GB model hasn’t exactly been leaping off the shelves – but then it’s still selling at its full retail price. Therefore, there is a strong possibility that O2 and Carphone Warehouse might extend their £100 discount across to the larger capacity iPhone as well.

Adding a further twist to the tale is rising fears that many potential iPhone customers are holding out for the 3G model. That could cost retailers a lot of money in unsold stock.

From a consumer perspective, this sounds great though – we could well be looking at a huge iPhone fire sale. If the price dropped even closer to the £100 mark, I’d actually consider just getting one to have as a spare, or to try my hand at some modding.

iPhone (via iPhonic)

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