Nokia announces four handsets for emerging markets, the 7070 Prism, 2680 Slide, 5000, and 1680 Classic

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Nokia has announced four new handsets which will be retailing for between €50-90, but before you go reaching for your MasterCard, I better let you know they’re aimed at emerging markets such as Africa.

The above phone, whilst looking suspiciously like the 7500 and 7900, has ‘external light effects’, themes, wallpapers, MP3 ringtones, voice recorder and hands-free speaker. Out in Q3 of 2008, the 7070 Prism should be €50 plus tax.

more-nokia-phones.jpgOn the left, the 2680 Slide has an FM radio, MP3 ringtones, and camera – although Nokia doesn’t specify what size, so I’m presuming 0.3-megapixels or so. Out in Q3 2008, it’ll be €75.

In the middle, the 5000 has a 1.3-megapixel camera, QVGA display, FM radio, MP3 ringtones plus email, Nokia Express Audio Messaging and GPRS. Out in Q2, it should be the most expensive of the bunch, at €90.

The fourth phone for emerging markets will be the 1680 Classic, which will have a VGA camera and video recording capabilities, surprisingly enough. Should be out Q2 in 2008, for €50.

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