World's first in-depth review on the Nokia N96 disappoints greatly

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mobile-review-n96.jpgWe’re currently hugely jealous of the Russian chaps over at Mobile Review, who have just published the world’s first in-depth review of The Mobile Phone Of The Year (according to me), the N96 from Nokia.

I’m unsure whether Mobile Review has committed the sin many of us do, whereby they build something up, only to knock it down once it’s proved popular or successful, but they’ve written a damning reviewing of the N96, including thoughts on the screen (“the front face is extremely easy to soil with fingerprints and smudge; basically, it gets so dirty in a matter of minutes that a cleaning cloth becomes a must-have for its owners”), the size (“it feels more like some sort of shovel in the hand due to being quite wide”) and the audo isn’t up to scratch either, with them commenting it “isn’t much of a stellar performer”.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still game to try it out first-hand, regardless of their disappointing review.

Mobile Review’s review on the N96 (via Nok Nok)

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  • I really thank to one who wrote this article. I have always been reading and writing texts like this in blogs. Also, I, as a daily writer, present my respects to everyone. I just watched videos like this in research in all areas.
    I think people must first research before writing.

  • I don’t expect much more than it being an N95 with a televison tuner to be honest.

    Much of what is going into the N96 is already in my N82. With the digital tuner being pretty redundant until we get proper DVB-H coverage in this territory, and my failing to max out the 8GB I already have in my current phone… I can’t really justify the ‘upgrade’ personally.

    Although I wouldn’t mind getting my paws on that new svelte black suit the N82 is shipping in.

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