33% of iPhone owners have a second mobile as well, according to studies in the US

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lots-of-iphones.jpgWhilst I know a lot of iPhone owners have second, or even third mobile, I didn’t think the percentage in the US would be as high as 33%. Isn’t the iPhone meant to be the saviour of the mobile communications world? Why use two?

A US agency, Rubicon Consulting, has published its findings about iPhone users, which include no-brainers like 75% of users do more mobile browsing because of the phone and that the most-used data function is reading emails.

Rather surprisingly, 40% of the users polled said their iPhone has trouble displaying websites, and over half of the owners are under 30, with 15% being students. With AT&T’s gross service revenue coming in at $2 billion per financial year, just for the iPhone alone, they’re winning hard and fast.

(via iPhonic)

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Katherine Hannaford
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