Indonesian censorship news: YouTube allowed again!

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indonesia-unbans-youtube.jpgPreviously we have reported on Indonesia banning porn and YouTube. We are the UK’s premier source of news regarding Indonesian ISP policies. It it’s happening in Indonesia, you’ll find it first here first!

So it’s pleasing to report that Indonesia has today un-banned YouTube, with the country’s ISPs allowing access to the video-sharing site again – but still blocking any individual pages containing the offensive and supposedly anti-Islamic film that sparked the blocking in the first place.

“We don’t need to block the sites but only links that broadcast the film. If the film is moved to another site, we will keep on chasing and block it,” the vice chairman of the Indonesian Internet Providers Association told Reuters.

We are now slightly less worried about being sent to Indonesia. Although it’s still not in our top 100 potential holiday destinations of 2009, even though it apparently has lots of very nice temples and statues.

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