Indonesian censorship news: YouTube allowed again!


Previously we have reported on Indonesia banning porn and YouTube. We are the UK’s premier source of news regarding Indonesian ISP policies. It it’s happening in Indonesia, you’ll find it first here first!

So it’s pleasing to report that Indonesia has today un-banned YouTube, with the country’s ISPs allowing access to the video-sharing site again – but still blocking any individual pages containing the offensive and supposedly anti-Islamic film that sparked the…

Syrian game company to release pro-Muslim video game, Al-Quraysh

muslimgame.jpg A video game with a social conscience? Crumbs. A Syrian company are sick of being the brunt of all anti-Arabian and Muslim jokes, so are currently in the process of creating a strategy game, Al-Quraysh, which tells the story of the first 100 years of Islam’s history. Apparently the company is hoping it will correct the general public’s attitudes towards Islam, alleviate tensions in the West, and do all manner of good things for the pride of young Muslims. Certainly no Grand Theft Auto, then.

The players can choose to command the armies of four different nations, namely Bedouins, Arabs, Persians and Romans, or lead the army of the protagonist…