Indonesia to block porn sites – and is struck off our potential 2008 holiday destination list

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indonesia-bans-porn-Lucas_Jackson.jpgBored businessmen in Indonesian hotel rooms are about to get a little bit more bored, thanks to the government passing a bill to ban “pornographic” and “violent” web sites.

The maximum penalty for getting caught with your trousers literally down is three years in prison – compared to the UK penalty of just being ignored by your girlfriend for a couple of days.

“I think we all agree there’s no way we can save this nation by spreading pornography, violence and ethnic hostility,” said information minister Mohammad Nuh, pointing out that the main aim of the law change is to protect the country’s young web users, rather than simply spoiling everyone’s fun.

(Via Philippine Star)

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  • pffft ethnic and religion.. yeah rite! look at the country’s public representative department people.. sure couldn’t keep their weenies in their pants..

    putting up ridiculous rules, banning this and that, forbade benign shits.. if 2012
    truly will happen, I think Indonesia will be the first to be destroyed..

    stop fvcking around and fix the god damn country!!!


  • I think evrybody need rules 2 manage their life. Thats why theres governwent. Ethics n religion must be put above all.

  • I condemn indonesia, forever, if there is still anti-porn lawq in that country! Condemn indonesia due top anti-porn! onlyt pigs supports Nuh and Nuh is the king pig of Indonesia!

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