Alanis Morissette releases single on Motorola W270 phone, now isn't that ironic, don't you think?

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alanis-morissette.jpgAlanis Morissette must’ve turned green with envy when Ricky Martin collaborated with Kingston to release some new tracks on a USB stick, as it’s just been announced she’s teamed up with Motorola to offer the song ‘Underneath’ on the W270 phone.

It’ll be in the form of a preloaded track on the W270, and will be a sneak peek at the angsty songstress’s album being released in June. Sadly (for the diehard Alanis fans) it’ll only be available in Brazil, where it will retail for around $100.

I’m surprised Motorola didn’t make her re-record ‘One Hand In My Pocket’ as ‘Got The W270 Phone In My Pocket’.

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