YouTube Hits: To buy GTA IV on the Xbox 360 or PS3, that is the question…

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Confused as to whether you should buy Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360 or PS3? You’re lucky you have a choice in consoles, most only have one, if that!

Still, my household is just as confused, with more arguments breaking out over this issue than whose turn it is to do the dishes that day month. Let this young Australian gamer, in the video above, guide you towards your choice, with his comical homemade video on the pros and cons of the game on each console. Failing that, there’s always Joystiq’s poll of 38,000 gamers here.

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  • I’ll be getting the PS3 version since I don’t want to risk burning my house down with the Xbox 360.

  • Stupid video but i agree multi-platform games and especially multi player games i alway tend to get the 360 version for Live + achievements, haven’t bought UT3 yet though as i’m still waiting to see what they do about user mods.

  • I have a bit more confidence in the xbox 360 these days. I have been xbox problem free for quite some time now, hence I will be getting the better GTA.

  • im getting it for the ps3 as future gta series will most likely be ps3 exclusives in the future. besides people will still need to pay extra for DLC for xbox360

  • PS3 for me.

    GTA games I play for HOURS at a time and with my 360 getting 2 RROD’s… I can’t risk playing for a few days then having my 360 break and be out of serious for a month!

  • Yes, 3 whole cities.

    PS3 version version also has a 5 minute installation time before you can even play. That is confirmed by IGN.

  • Yes, it could!

    But it won’t.

    Because Microsoft paid $50 million to ensure it doesn’t and that people have to buy an Xbox 360 in order to get the full GTA experience.

  • ps3 will hav the in game xmb soon anyway so all that about his gaming friends and xbox is the way, will soon be flawed. basically both consoles will have the same and even thought microsoft got 2 episodes of content secured by rockstar, they sign up to any more, meaning that roackstar could just suprise ua all by giving out 10 episodes of content for free on ps3 lol id laugh so hard if that did happen. but it could!!!

  • I’ll be buying the Xbox 360 version. At midnight. Or, if there’s something good on telly or it’s raining, at about 9.00am from anywhere that has stock and isn’t charging £50.

    PS: I like the way the names and dates of commenters are now in bold. Mainly because it was my idea.

  • I must admit, I’ll probably get it for the 360 because of the extra content, but you’re probably right, Rawlins, that to someone who’s only just thinking about buying one of the two consoles, the PS3 would seem the better catch, when considering the Blu-ray functionality…

  • Three bonus cities? I think it’s more like 10 hours of additional side missions in Liberty City, according to the review in Official Xbox Mag…

  • I’ll be getting it for the PS3 eventually I think. I’m not an avid gamer so the added benefits to buying the PS3 hardware with it’s media streaming, integrated Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, DivX/Xvid, USB and Blu-Ray player make it the wiser investment on the whole.

  • I’ll take the 3 bonus cities exclusive to the 360. 360 controller is better suited for GTA anyway.

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