Ricky Martin's music infiltrates Micro Memory Kit from Kingston Technology

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ricky_martin_black_and_white_kingston_technology_memory_card.jpgKingston Technology are probably not in it for love, but they’ve announced the release of a special edition “Black and White” Mobile Memory Kit, featuring a 1GB microSD card preloaded with a selection of Ricky Martin music, video and mobile phone wallpapers, plus a USB reader.

I don’t care what you say — celebrity endorsed technology products are far more exciting that bog standard gadgetry.

Content includes the tracks “Somos la Semilla” and “Tu Recuerdo,” concert images, and video.

Ricky Martin basically said, “This is good,” proclaiming, “I am the greatest musician ever to be featured on a Kingston Technology memory card.” Not one for private emotion, he said that he’d count the minutes until he could leave Saint Tropez and Shake his bon-bon on his way to pick one up.

Alternatively, he may actually have said, “I am very excited by the new avenues for sharing music that technology continues to provide. I enthusiastically embrace these new formats. They mean global growth for not only my music — but for all music — and that’s why I’m very happy to form this alliance with Kingston.”

Not so very different.

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US at present, for the tidy sum of $10.99. If you want it in the UK, you may have to start a Revoulución.

Or just import it.

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