ColorWare adds Nintendo DS Lite customisation service


dspimped.jpgNew Ravers, rejoice! ColorWare has added the DS Lite to their library of customisable gaming hardware. Using the online palette, you can select your own garish combination of glossy, scratch resistant finishes. There’s even a metallic paint option ‘with sparkling flakes’, which may or may not end up looking like the stuff they use on bumper cars at the fair.

Everything except the buttons and d-pad can be changed to suit your taste, including the screen frame and shoulder buttons, but personalisation comes at a cost. To buy a brand new colour-kitted DS Lite will cost at least $100 more than usual. However, US gamers will be able to send in their old units to get pimped for just $99.

International shipping is available, but at another £50, you might be better off stopping at Hobbycraft after work instead.

Colorware (via Crave)

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