Brits barely trust their personal data to anyone, survey suggests


numbers_circle.gifBritish consumers, faced with so many stories of companies and organisations losing data, and with the ongoing threat of identity theft, really don’t have much faith left in the security of their personal information.

A recent survey by the GB Group found that even the most trusted organisations — banks and building societies — were only trusted by 52% of the respondents.

Recent Government slip-ups may well have caused three-quarters of those surveyed to distrust them, closely followed by local councils with just 21%.

At the bottom of the heap are gambling-related companies, with just 4%, though travel companies (6%), mobile phone companies (9%), and retailers (9%) fared only slightly better.

Young people (18-25s) are the most trusting, with two in five saying they are happy to shop online and use social networking sites. However, 45% of all those surveyed said they’d give up online shopping to avoid becoming a victim of identity fraud.

Interestingly, nearly three-quarters of those surveyed believe that organisations holding their personal details are ultimately responsible for protecting their identity. That’ll be regardless of how many un-shredded credit card statements are left in the recycling bin, then?

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