IPod nano safety fears hit Japan – battery "emits sparks" during charging

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ipod-nano-battery-recall-sparks.jpgUh-oh! Global safety panic alert!

Japan’s trade ministry has pressed the big, red NATIONAL EMERGENCY button in its offices, after receiving reports that an iPod nano’s battery started to give off “sparks” while it was being charged.

The incident took place in Japan during January, with Apple itself reporting the problem to the ministry last week. It was one of the older, taller models that suffered the sparking while recharging problem, one with the model number MA099J/A – if you want to check and bury yours in the garden just in case.

Apple has apparently sold 420,000 of that particular model of nano in Japan per year since it was launched in 2005 – imagine the cost involved to poor old Apple if another global danger battery product recall has to be initiated to protect us all from spontaneous pocket fires.

(Via Reuters)

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