Australian man finds bit of rocket – then hands it in

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james-stirton-satellite-hunter.jpgWho would hand in a bit of rocket? If I found a bit of rocket, it’d be up on the mantelpiece the same day. Regardless of health implications from cosmic radiation or half-melted fuel cells.

The man in questions is James Stirton. The rocket part in question is unknown, as James has been on the phone to NASA to try and find out exactly what it is he’s just found in the outback. They think it might be part of a rocket engine launched by the US last year.

He should at the very least have kept a bit as a souvenir and tried to sell the rest to the Russians for a few million quid. Or, you know, eBay. What is with people who don’t only think about their own personal financial gain?

(Via Sydney Morning Herald)

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