Titanic builder diversifying WILDLY by setting up world's best tidal electricity system

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harland-wolff-seagen-electricity.jpgNorthern Ireland has just surged ahead in the sustainable energy world-saving race, thanks to the efforts of Harland & Wolff – the very same Harland & Wolff of Titanic fame.

The shipbuilder has engineered what it believes is the biggest tidal power system in the world today, with its SeaGen setup capable of pumping out 1.2 megawatts – enough to keep the PCs and TVs on in around 1000 homes. The SeaGen system is, so they say, the first tidal-powered energy system to be hooked into a country’s national grid, with the tides of the Irish Sea expected to start delivering guilt-free electricity by the summer.

Here’s hoping H&W’s latest adventure with the words “biggest” and “sea” turn out a little better for everyone concerned.

(Via Reuters)

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Gary Cutlack
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