WooMe brings speed dating to the online masses

Web 2.0


Speed dating was a sensible response to the problem of a generation of time-poor singletons who are too busy working to have time for slow, boring old traditional courting. And it worked. But now everyone spends their downtime on Facebook and YouTube, what to do? Easy: Web 2.0 speed dating.

That’s the concept behind WooMe, a startup that offers online speed dating via voice or webcam chat. The idea is simple – you join a session, and then meet five people in five minutes – one minute each – to see if you get on.

If you do, you click a big button saying ‘I’M WOO’D’, and hope they do the same for you. And if not, well, you just move onto the next candidate. Right now, it seems to be aimed at US college students, but the company just nabbed $3 million of VC funding, so perhaps it’ll expand to the UK soon. And in the meantime, well, you know how those Americans love a British accent…

WooMe website

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