Ice Brkr mobile dating service could mean an end to dodgy chat-up lines

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Know any good chat-up lines? Well, according to Ice Brkr, you might as well forget them. Then again, as Ice Brkr is plugging a new mobile dating service, it might not be the best source of information.

With Ice Brkr, instead of clumsily approaching the man/woman of your dreams with something like ‘get your coat, you’ve pulled’, the modern male or female can send a friendly message to someone in a bar. And if a nice message comes back you can both get together immediately for a chat. Think of it as the go-between if you like.

The downside is that the other person has to be registered with the service and listed as being in the bar. And the service is only available in the London area. But if the uptake in London is high, it could well be a contender.

Ice Brkr

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