Torrent site Mininova notches up four billionth download

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Bad news for the music industry: its efforts to stamp out file-sharing haven’t prevented BitTorrent site Mininova from notching up more than four billion downloads by its users. It passed the three billion mark just four months ago, indicating that it’s getting more popular, not less.

“Our site is growing exponential,” says founder Niek van der Maas. “The amount of total torrent downloads roughly doubles every half year, and more downloads means more exposure, so more content available on our website.”

He should probably watch out though: with UK site OiNK having been shut down by the police last year, and The Pirate Bay facing a public prosecution in Sweden, it’s a dangerous time for the more popular torrent tracking sites right now.

(via Afterdawn)

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  • How about a torrent search engine … using Google’s own custom search engine – see – naughty Pirate Bay / naughty Google?

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